Weekend Afterthoughts: March right around the corner, literally


Another solid weekend of college hoops. We are now officially 3 weeks away from selection Sunday. Crazy huh? Here are my quick thoughts from this weekends games.

  • Louisville really showed me something in their win over Cincinnati. Not only did Russdiculous Smith hit the game winner, the Cards look like a team that has the potential to make another run for the title even with the loss of Chane Behannan. Losing Behannan was a huge loss, but the Cards have been playing tremendous hoops lately. A team to keep your eye on.


  • Creighton and Doug McBuckets continue to win games. McBuckets is also now tied for 10th place on the all time NCAA scoring list. I think the Blue Jays can make a run in this year’s dance, but they will need favorable matchups and will need to play teams that lack size. It will all depend on the bracket, but we all want to see McBuckets take this team as far as he can. Right?


  • Syracuse got absolutely robbed with the biggest joke call of the year. Look up the new rules for the charge/block rules. If a player is in the act and the defender is not set completely (Rodney Hood was most certainly not), then the player shall be awarded with a block. Jim Boeheim had all the right to go nuts there and lose his mind because that was one of the worst calls of the year. CJ Fair should have received an and 1 to possibly take the lead late in the game. Welcome to the ACC Syracuse.


  • Kansas roundhouse kicked Texas 85-54. This was worse than the beat down a red headed step child would receive. This game was an absolute nightmare for all Horns fans as the Jayhawks looked flawless. Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid continue to impress.


  • Florida is now 14-0 in the SEC and will receive the #1 ranking in this week’s poll. The Gators have won 17 in a row, but let’s be real. As well as Florida has been playing, they are only beating SEC teams. Still this team has Championship written all over them. As for now, they are  my favorite to go the distance in the NCAA tournament.


  • Michigan has owned Tom wicky wicky Izzo the past few years in Ann Arbor. Nik Stauskas and Caris Levert went balls deep on the Spartan’s D all game and made just about every shot they took. Michigan State played an excellent first half, but fell apart late, and could not buy a basket. Keith Appling’s wrist was clearly injured and I’m not sure why he was in the game. He was a liability on both sides of the floor. The good news for the Spartans is that Branden Dawson is expected to return on Saturday against Illinois. The biggest factor will be if this team will be healthy by March because this team can still make it to the final four in Dallas.


  1.     The Final Drive


  • Wisconsin is the hottest team in B1G right now. Look out for the Badgers folks, they are for real.


  • Villanova is a team that is impossible to predict. They remind me of a girl who can’t make their mind up on anything. They will be tough to read come tourney time.


  • North Carolina and Kentucky have the size to make a run in the NCAA tournament. Both need better 3 point shooting to be taken seriously though.


  • If Wichita State goes undefeated, they should be a #1 seed. I do not care who you are or what conference you are in, if you can win every game you are most definitely deserving of a #1 seed.


  • San Diego State’s seeding will fall now, and Missouri has burst it’s NCAA tournament bubble. The Tigers have no business being in the field as of right now.




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  1. James Carter says:

    Nice stuff man, I found your page on twitter. Good stuff

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