Final Four: I may not care, but the stage is still huge


It’s finally final four time in Dallas. After seeing my favorite team (Michigan State) get knocked out of the tournament, it really bummed me out. I honestly still feel the same way, which is, I really do not care who wins the national title. So with that being said, I will play out the four possible champion scenarios and tell you how I would feel about each one. Fun, right?

1.) Florida- To be honest, if there was a team that I would least want to win, it would be the Gators. There is just something about Scottie Wilbeken and Patric Young that just annoy me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Florida is an excellent team and I would not be surprised if they won it all. They play balanced, smart, and experienced basketball which will help them on the big stage this weekend. If Florida does cut down the nets, it will be just like college football. Florida State was the best team on the gridiron all year and won it all. If the Gators do the same, it will just be an “eh, we expected them to win this” kind of feeling.

2.) UConn- How about the Huskies? I mean seriously this is easily one of the most impressive runs ever. UConn looked pretty lifeless after getting pushed around by Louisville in the regular season and lost 81-48. We all knew Shabazz Napier was great, but DeAndre Daniels and Ryan Boatright have been playing major roles in the Huskies run. UConn as a team plays suffocating defense, and when Shabazz is on, UConn is tough to beat. What a job Kevin Ollie has done to get UConn to where they are at. After Calhoun left, many included myself figured UConn to be down for a while. If the Huskies win it all it would be a “nobody saw this but UConn fans” kind of feeling.

3.) Kentucky- They’re back. Oh boy, just like UConn who saw this coming??? The Cats are in the final four? I still can’t believe it. What incredible play from Andrew and Aaron Harrison who have been playing sensational basketball ever since the third round Wichita State game. Kentucky beat last year’s final four Cinderella and this years only undefeated team in the Shockers, defending champion Louisville, and national runner-up Michigan just to reach the final four. Ole Calipari pulled it off again. That makes 3 final fours since he arrived in Lexington. (Reminder: He’s only been there for 5 years). While it would be incredible to see Kentucky win it all after the season they have had, if it happened it would be an “oh crap, UK fans are going to be even more annoying now” kind of feeling.

4.) Wisconsin- I know I said I’m not pulling for anyone, but the Badgers are the team I would love to see win it all. Not only because they start FOUR white guys, but because they play true team basketball and define everything there is about fundamental basketball. Wiscy doesn’t turn the ball over and they shoot the 3 ball exceptionally well. Frank the tank Kaminsky has been en fuego and is starting to make a case for tournament MVP. Also, if there was a coach who deserved it most out of everyone in Dallas this weekend, it would be Bo Ryan. Ryan has finally reached his first final four after coming oh so close several times. This is the Badger’s chance, because let’s face it; Wisconsin is not a powerhouse program that will be in the national title hunt every year. This is Wisconsin’s opportunity to win their first true national title. (They won their first and only one in 1941, but that was so long ago and it was during WWII, so there were only eight teams in the whole tournament!) If the Badgers win it would be a ” Bo Ryan’s strategy can actually win a championship” type of feeling.


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