Oregon-Ohio State : Oregon is tough, but do not count out Urban Meyer and his resilient Buckeyes


The national championship game is on Monday night in Dallas. I would have never guessed that Ohio State would have been in the national title at the beginning of the year. Not to mention, I think that most people counted them out of everything after losing star quarterback Braxton Miller to a season-ending injury.

How foolish of us. How can you possibly forget about the Urban Meyer factor. Meyer has only lost 3 games in his three years at OSU. J.T. Barrett was incredible as a red-shirt freshmen before getting hurt in the Michigan game. Once again, after Barrett’s injury, everyone counted the Buckeyes out of everything again.

The Buckeyes were set to take on Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis with a third string quarterback in Cardale Jones. You know the story. Everyone counted the Buckeyes out of it, including myself, and thought that there was no way possible that they would be Wisconsin. Silly us, little did we know that Cardale Jones would take off right where J.T. Barrett would have. The Bucks dominated Wiscy 59-0.

On to the college playoff now, and it is starting to get really old in Columbus. All the naysayers once again shouted that Ohio State did not even belong on the same field with Alabama, let alone even making the inaugural college football playoff. How could Ohio State honestly defeat the great Nick Saban and the SEC champs who have dominated college football the past five seasons?

Wrong. Once again, the Buckeyes proved that they have the tenacity and toughness needed for a championship football team. And it all starts with Urban Meyer. Most people, including several analysts, thought that the Buckeyes were one year away from truly being able to compete at an elite level and national championship.

As we all know, they are wrong as well. Ohio State continues to do what they do best; proving everyone wrong, and turning naysayers into believers. The system that Urban Meyer has stabilized in Columbus is truly astonishing. Meyer has developed a winning culture that all of his players have bought into. Meyer has fixed many of the key problems to the past Buckeye teams. Defense, and especially the secondary, which were both awful last year.

Ohio State now boasts one of the best defensive lines in America, lead by star Joey Bosa. Don’t forget about that secondary either. Even though it is not dominate by any means, it is much improved. The Buckeyes offense is still their bread and butter, and they have developed one of the best passing and running attacks in the country. Ohio State has the best offensive line in college football, which is another reason why each quarterback who has played under Meyer here has had tremendous success. Not to mention, the Buckeyes have some elite skill players as well.

Cardale Jones has proven that he can most certainly take Ohio State to the promised land. A national title is much sought after in Columbus. It can most certainly happen, but the Bucks better find a way to slow down Marcus Mariota, or that national championship trophy is headed out west to Eugene.

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