Will Kentucky ever lose? College hoops update

So we have nearly been talking about this for just about the entire college hoops season, but this is a legitimate question; will the Wildcats ever actually lose a game? To be honest, I really think that this team could go 40-0. They have all the tools, and talent to achieve this goal. Despite having several close calls so far, no team out there in America has a better bench than the Wildcats. The only thing that will potentially hurt Kentucky come NCAA tournament time will be getting in foul trouble.

This does not really even happen too often, but it could definitely be a disadvantage lurking down at Calipari’s Cats. If you really look at it through and through, you can see that Kentucky will not lose a game until at least the NCAA tourney. The SEC is an awful conference overall, and the average teams are grossly overrated. I am looking at you Texas A&M, LSU, and Arkansas. I do not care that the Razorbacks are ranked 18th, I mean seriously, who have they beaten? Exactly.

This Kentucky team is so much more different than past Wildcat’s teams. There is not a true star, elite player on this squad, but a bunch of balanced and disciplined players who seem to know their roles on the team. Karl Anthony Towns has the most potential out of this current bunch, but you cannot forget about Cauley-Stein, Devin Booker, or even Aaron Harrison.

There are so many different options on this team that they are extremely difficult to defend. Teams like Arizona, Duke, Virginia, and Villanova have a great starting five, but after that they just do not have the depth overall. This is what makes Kentucky so great. In fact, you could make a strong case as to why several teams ranked in the top ten have just as good or even a better starting five than Kentucky.

Ultimately, it will not matter unless you can force Kentucky to get into foul trouble and also hope that their offense goes completely down the toilet in a game. This is a possibility, because during the NCAA tournament, anything can happen.

However, it will be very shocking if Kentucky does not at least make the Elite 8 during this year’s tourney run. This team is just too good overall to have a slip up early on, but once again, who knows, we have all seen strange things happen in March.

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