Everett Golson brings Hope to Florida State for 2015


Everett Golson is coming to Tallahassee and is the ultimate wild card for the Seminoles in 2015. Florida State is returning several talented players, but they also lost key players who went 27-1 over the course of the past two seasons, and brought a national title back home in 2013.

The offense will be interesting without Rashad Greene, Nick O’Leary. and of course Jameis Winston. However, with Golson FSU has a chance to make some noise next year. With a rather light schedule, a double digit win season is definitely possible, and if Golson can come in and learn the playbook and perform on the field, the Noles could be a decent team.

Golson struggled severely toward the end of last year with his former team Notre Dame. He was incredibly inconsistent last year, and threw way too many interceptions. In fact, he actually led college football with the most interceptions last year. That is most certainly not something that you want to be on top of the standings for.  If I had to bet on it, it looked like he truly lost his confidence altogether. Not to mention, Golson also lost his starting job in the final game of last season at the Music City Bowl in Nashville against LSU.

We have seen Golson make plays before. He can be consistent. Maybe a change of scenery is what the mobile and agile graduate quarterback needs. If anything, he can definitely rely on Jimbo Fisher to help him improve his game. Fisher has been incredible in building his quarterbacks’ game and confidence over the years. What he did with Jameis Winston cannot go unnoticed either.

The starting job is not exactly Golson’s just yet. He will be in a battle all summer long against Sean Maguire for the starting job. Golson can win this position, but he will have to prove his consistency and cut down on the interceptions.

Florida State is going to be a young team on offense next year, and Golson cannot afford to make costly mistakes, when his receivers are going to have just enough trouble catching the ball and being on the same page with him. Regardless, its a win-win situation for Golson, who has nothing to lose, and he can easily become the 2015 starting quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles in 2015.


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