Swanigan to Purdue: Boilers May Boast Top Frontcourt in NCAA


Well it’s finally official. Caleb Swanigan has committed to Purdue. Now this is a big pickup for Purdue, who arguably had one of the best signing classes, just based off of Swanigan. Swanigan, who originally committed to Michigan State University, decided to go where his heart told him. And by heart I mean his legal guardian and everyone else pressuring him into going to West Lafayette.

In all seriousness, I honestly think that Swanigan really did not know what he wanted, and decided to commit just to commit ealry on. While I have absolutely nothing against Swanigan, I can see why fellow Michigan State fans are upset about the whole ordeal. Who knows, maybe this is all karma from when Branden Dawson left Purdue and Painter in the dust for Izzo a few years ago.

Purdue is going to have plenty of size next year, and will be a major force in the Big Ten and possibly on the national scene. AJ Hammons and Isaac Haas return and they are both solid 7-foot centers who have plenty of room and potential to still grow. Bringing in Caleb Swanigan is huge, because Purdue will be able to play at least two big’s on the floor at the same time.

The biggest test for Purdue will be their outside shooting and guard play. Losing Raphael Davis is a key loss, but the Boilermakers are bringing in two four star guards to possibly help this problem for next year. The Boilers have a legitimate shot at winning the conference next year, but a top 5 finish in the conference should be expected. However, Matt Painter has shown in the past that he can coach talent and bring in a boatload of wins.

The big man Swanigan is the real deal down low in the post. He has excellent size, and can will his way to the basket. On the plus side, he can knock down a sweet mid range shot from the corners rather consistently. The 275 lb. beast can do it all on the floor as long as he has the ball. It’s already crazy to think how good Purdue will be down low with the addition of Swanigan.

Look out, Big Ten.

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