College Football Week 5 Recap: Is Anyone Good?


After Saturday’s games, you can honestly sit here and make the argument that there are no dominant teams in college football. I think that it will eventually play itself out and we will see four much deserving teams advance into the playoff. But for right now, things most certainly do look shaky.

Ohio State and Michigan State have struggled greatly recently. The Buckeyes defense is very talented, and for the most part has played exceptionally well, but outside of Ezekiel Elliot on offense, the Buckeyes have several question marks including the new-named starter Cardale Jones. Jones has made good throws every now and then, but still looks uncomfortable when his first option is not there and he has to evade the pocket.

Indiana nearly and probably should have beat Ohio State yesterday, but then again it is Indiana, and they of course coughed that game up worse than a hospital patient with pneumonia.

Michigan State is hard to predict this year. While the Spartans have remained unscathed at 5-0, they also have had several close calls in the 4th quarter to teams who are bad. The Oregon win is great and all, but Utah beat the Ducks by 42, and there is no legitimate reason to ever get out-gained by both Central Michigan and Purdue, even if all of Sparty’s defense looked practically hungover.

MSU needs to finish games stronger, and quit playing conservative after they build a large lead.

Seriously, your pushing toward Butch Jones territory with that non-sense, and that is one place no man ever dreams to be.

Ole Miss essentially proved that they are a one-hit wonder, who will likely fade into the sunset with an 8-4 record. After the big win over Alabama, people were proclaiming the Rebels to be the class of the SEC. The win was in my mind a fluke, and it’s really starting to show.

Beating a barely division one caliber Vanderbilt team by only eleven at home, and then getting man-handled in the Swamp to Florida pretty much proves my point.

See ya later Ole Miss.

TCU and Baylor both looked good yesterday, but come on let’s be real; nobody plays any defense in the Big 12. You don’t even have to watch these games. Just play NCAA football with a friend on XBOX and whatever your final score is, is probably pretty close to some of these absurd final scores.

Baylor’s offense is good, but it is not 70 points a game good, and they haven’t played anyone who’s defense could stop some high school offenses. Let’s just pump the brakes on the Bears for now.

Notre Dame has done a pretty good job coping with the losses of Malik Zaire and Tarean Folston, but the Irish couldn’t overcome Clemson’s big lead and a monsoon of rain last night. Deshone Kizer played well, but it’s really hard to blame anyone with how hard it was raining last night. There were a lot of dropped passes on both sides, but hey that’s what gloves are for right?

UCLA might as well had not shown up at all last night. The Bruins couldn’t afford to lose to Arizona State, but Jim Mora’s players apparently should have gone to class more this week. It was a home game, why were his players out of class for six straight days? Anyways, UCLA is a young talented team, but more losses seem to be on the way when it’s all said and done. UCLA is the west coast Clemson essentially.

Georgia without a doubt is the most embarrassing and pathetic performance of the weekend. For a team who was supposed to be “back” and make a national championship run, they looked like they didn’t even belong on the same field with Alabama. And well to be quite frank, they didn’t belong on the same field as the Crimson Tide.

Bama completely outmatched and outclassed Georgia in every single way possible. Greyson Lambert was so bad at quarterback, that Mark Richt was forced to go to Brice Ramsey, who may have been even worse. Come on Georgia, learn how to do that quarterback stuff.

For a program that has never been able to get over the hump with Richt at the helm, should anyone really be surprised that the Bulldogs lost?

Finally, the one bright spot of the top ten, LSU.

The Tigers may not even be in the playoffs when the season is over, but Leonard Fournette is truly special. He will be making big bucks in two years.

What’s more crazy? The numbers that Fournette is already putting up, or the fact that he still has to return to Baton Rouge next year for one more season before being eligible to enter the NFL Draft? I’ll go with the latter. Fournette could be effective in the NFL already.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t suffer any serious injuries, and let’s enjoy the magic that he continues to bring week in and out.

So there you have it, nobody is good. The best teams in the country might be sitting outside of the top ten at the moment actually.

Every team has some sort of petty ¬†flaw, but that doesn’t mean this season won’t be one to remember. With no dominant team, the chase for the playoffs is going to be one hectic finish.

Also, great win over BYE this week Utah. They are a tricky opponent, good job.






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