It’s time to pump the brakes on the Michigan hype-train


If you have been on social media or have paid attention to anything college football related recently, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This post does not plan to have any factual statistics, but I just want to point out some common sense– the Michigan hype needs to come to an end already.

This has nothing to do Michigan being overrated, in fact, they should have a solid team this season. But come on, let’s be real. This team does not deserve to be ranked in the pre-season top four. What has this Michigan team even done from last season to justify it? Sure, they whooped up on an overrated and depleted Florida team in their January bowl game. but they also lost their three most important regular season games last year. The Wolverines coughed up their season opener against Utah, lost in the most absurd way possible to Michigan State, and got their behinds handed to them at home to Ohio State.

Michigan’s only “quality” wins last season were beating BYU and Northwestern, who both turned out to be just a tad overrated. Michigan returns several starters on both sides of the ball, but also has no quarterback still. John O’Korn was supposed to be the new-guy, but is in a three-way battle for the position now.

The Wolverines do play a joke of a schedule early on, as they do not even leave the state of Michigan until October. I still have no idea how they got away with that. I honestly do not think you can play a more pathetic non-conference schedule. Hawaii is not a good team, UCF literally lost every game last season, and Colorado has been an embarrassment for the last ten years. The losses will come one way or another, with road contests at MSU, Iowa, and Ohio State. There is just no plausible way Michigan doesn’t drop at least two of those games.

Look, Harbaugh is a complete nut-case, but he is a brilliant coach. Michigan will win at least nine or 10 games this coming season. They will obviously be good, but they will not be playing in the College Football Playoff, and will probably be nowhere too close to it by the season’s end. Down the road, Michigan will be playing for a national title. Just not this year.

As for now, MSU and Ohio State are still the class of the Big Ten. There are too many question marks on this UM team to start claiming them Big Ten favorites and national title contenders.


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