Mission Statement:

JL Productions & Design was founded upon the basic principles of the golden rule and is dedicated to provide the industry’s highest level of customer service.  Alongside the outstanding personal attention, JL Productions & Design is focused on the details of remaining cost effective and prompt deadline capabilities.

JL Productions & Design was established in Northwest Indiana in late 2006 by young entrepreneur, John Lambert.  It was initially created to service a small market in need of basic logo design and video production.   JLPD has since been expanding its footprint within the world of web, graphic, and conceptual design across the entire country.

John Lambert is a former college baseball player who graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010. Following his collegiate career he played for the Florida Marlins until injuries cut his professional career short. The ending of his professional career opened the door for him to redirect his focus, hard work, and energy on growing his company and expanding its services. Dedication, determination, and discipline are three of the key elements that motivate him and provide a strong foundation for the core values in his life.  John Lambert now works out of his Raleigh, North Carolina office as well as servicing multiple locations across the state of Florida. 



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